Common Tarif 14 (CT 14): Remunera­tion for use of VOD rights

The IRF is also a relevant user association in terms of copyright law and therefore negotiated in 2020/2021 the remuneration to be paid for the use of VoD rights on the broadcasters’ online platforms. These remunerations are collectively administered by the Swiss collecting societies SSA, Suissimage, SWISSPERFORM and ProLitteris in accordance with mandatory law.

Members of the IRF benefit from an association discount and reporting facilitations.

CT 14 was submitted by the collecting societies as a settlement tariff to the Swiss Federal Arbitration Commission for the Exploitation of Copyrights and Related Rights on June 17, 2021. Subject to its approval, uses of works subject to remuneration within the meaning of Art. 13 a or 35 a Swiss Copyright Act will be subject to the remuneration obligation under CT 14 as of January 1, 2022.