The IRF Interessengemeinschaft Radio und Fernsehen is an association of national and international radio and TV broadcasters whose programmes are trans­mitted in Switzerland and/or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Its membership includes many international broad­casters such as ARD, ZDF, ORF, RAI, France Télévisions, M6, ARTE, broadcasters from the media group RTL, ProSiebenSat.1 Group; furthermore national Swiss broad­caster SRG, Swiss private broad­casters and the associations Telesuisse, the Association of Swiss Private Radios VSP, Radio Régionales Romandes RRR and Unikom.

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The IRF Interessengemeinschaft Radio und Fernsehen advocates a diverse TV and radio landscape and aims to maintain the common interests of national and international broad­casters when it comes to the design of the relevant political, legal and economic framework.

The decision to jointly represent the interests of the broad­casters under the IRF name was the result of a ground­breaking supreme court decision (BG 107 II 82) secured by the ORF in 1981. With said decision, the highest Swiss court confirmed for the first time that programmes of a broadcaster may only be re-transmitted by wire or wirelessly with their permission.

The founding members, which, in addition to the SRG, also included the German broad­casters ARD and ZDF as well as the ORF, had set themselves the goal to enable cable TV operators to collectively obtain the necessary cable rights from the broad­casters in a simple and efficient process. By means of this structure, they had thus created a legal basis for the rapid development of future cable television.

Subsequently, all national and international broadcasters joined the IRF, provided that their broadcasting range entitled them to participate in the distribution of the cable re-transmission remuneration of IRF. In 2013, the interest group was converted into an association with the name Interessengemeinschaft Radio Fernsehen (IRF).

Governing bodies


  • Attorney-at-law, lic. iur. Andrea Werder, LL.M. (Managing Director)

Delegates and members of the domestic Distribution Committee

The domestic Distribution Committee is composed of seven national delegates and based on equal representation.

Delegates and members of the foreign Distribution Committee

The foreign Distribution Committee is composed of ten international delegates and based on equal representation.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of nine members.

  • Dr. Axel Bussek
  • Katharina Franke
  • Prof. Dr. Albrecht Hesse
  • Dr. Gabriela Krassnigg-Kulhavy
  • Dr. Monica Pizzoli
  • Dr. Michael Schweizer
  • Dr. Stefan Sporn
  • Dr. iur. Hermann Stern

    Dr. H. J. Stern was the Managing Director of the IRF from 29/06/1981 to 31/12/2016. Since 1/1/2017 he has been member of the Board of Directors of the IRF and is currently holding the Presidency. He has been dealing with copyright related aspects of cable television already while writing his disser­tation (Zurich contributions to legal studies, 1970). He has been a member of the Commission Juridique of the Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Auteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC) where he actively promoted the global recognition of cable rights while leading the legal department of the Swiss collective management organisation SUISA. As a young independent attorney, he led the first legal test case on cable TV and, upon acknowledgement of the cable rights by the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland (BGE 107 II 82ff.), he undertook the task of enforcing these rights in Switzerland on behalf of the broadcasters SRG, ORF, ARD and ZDF. For this purpose, he founded an interest group for national and international broad­casters on 29/06/1981, called IRF. Since then the IRF represents the interests of all national and international radio and TV broad­casters whose programmes are retransmitted in Switzerland and/or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

  • Peter Weber


  • TRETOR AG (CHE-108.227.200)

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